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Maltina Capsules

For Painful and Irregular Menstruation

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  • Guldhava
  • Shilajeet
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Our Maltina capsules are a natural formulation designed to support women's health through hormonal balance, aiding in regular menstrual cycles and alleviating discomfort naturally and effectively.

  • Helpful in Painful Menstruation
  • Improves Womens Fertility
  • Boosts Uterus Health
  • Helps You Get Consistent Periods
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Media Feature

Dharishah Ayurveda is making headlines for its unique methods in natural healing. They combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to offer effective wellness solutions.

How to Use?


Take one capsule twice daily with water after morning and evening meals.


For best results eat a healthy diet containing vegetables & maintain healthy weight.

Consistency and Trust

For optimal results, take this product daily for at least 90 days. Natural healing takes time, and consistent use allows the benefits to unfold gradually.

Ayurvedic Ingredients

Maltina Capsules promotes women's health by balancing hormones, easing menstrual discomfort, and regulating cycles. With potent ingredients like Anantmul, Shilajeet, and Guldhava, they offer natural relief and support for women's well-being.

  • Guldhava

    A traditional Ayurvedic herb known for its potential to promote women's reproductive health.

  • Shilajeet

    A powerful resin known for its rich mineral content and believed to support overall wellness.

  • Anantmool

    A versatile herb in Ayurveda, used for its potential to promote vitality and balance various body functions.

Who Should Take It?

Maltina Capsules is designed for women seeking natural solutions to manage various health concerns, including issues related to hormonal
balance, reproductive health, menstrual discomfort, and overall well-being.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    Women With PCOS

    Women aiming to improve reproductive health, manage conditions like PCOS, and support fertility naturally.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    Women With Menstrual Discomfort

    Individuals dealing with menstrual issues such as painful periods, irregular cycles, or discomfort during menstruation.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    Women With Hormonal Imbalances

    Women experiencing hormonal imbalances seeking natural remedies for stability and overall well-being.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ishu Nagpal

Very very effective for irregular periods,

This is a genuine ayurvedic medicine, Girls try one bottle for sure if you are fed up due to PCOS & PCOD
This is the best product which has no side effects.
I suggest you, Be brave and take no tension as these problems are to almost 80 percent of girls today.

Just exercise and if you want to take medicine take this Dharishah Maltina Capsule.

Love you all

Namrata Kohli

Wonderful product!

Thank you Dharishah Ayurveda for giving such good quality, natural, pure, and effective product. The results are very good for Painful and Irregular Menstruation.

Purvi Thakar

I have very irregular periods(PCOS) from a very long time, consulted many gynaecologist and taken treatment but everything is temporary, because once you stop the tablets gradually I'm back to same old condition.

I never got period on its Own without tablets,

I'm glad i tried this randomly..

almost 2months i took this and tada there you go periods on it's own..

Shruti Sinha

I am suffering from irregular periods since a very long time and I always find ways to cure this issue. Recently I started using these Capsules and although it won't show instant results, but it take 2-3 weeks for result. A lot my other issues have started going off.

Prerna Dhiman

I got good results and it helps in regularising my cycle and reduces mensuration pain. Very happy and satisfied with the product.


Dharishah Ayurveda has a rich heritage spanning over a century, rooted in the healing practices of Hakim Dhari Shah. From humble beginnings in 1889 to a modern enterprise, our legacy includes tradition and innovation.

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Frequently asked questions

Dharishah Maltina is an Ayurvedic formulation crafted to support women's wellness. It aids in managing issues like Leucorrhoea, PCOS symptoms, painful menstruation, and weakness associated with it, promoting overall reproductive health.

This combo is made because two or more products work better in tandem, and it also happens to cost less than buying the same products separately.

You should start experiencing results within one week of daily use, though it is recommended to be applied until the issue subsides.

Yes, every component in Maltina is sourced from local farms, supporting local farmers and businesses. We prioritise sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients.