Dharishah Ayurveda

We are a legacy of healing that spans over 134 years. Founded in 1889 by Hakim Dhari Shah in Mianvali, Pakistan, our journey epitomizes resilience, commitment, and innovation in the field of Ayurveda. From establishing the largest practice and hospital in Mianvali to weathering the challenges of partition in 1947, the Dharishah legacy has persevered. Dharishah Ayurveda blends traditional herbal medicine with modernity, preserving ancient practices in our treatments. Embracing Ayurveda's natural potential, our products harness its ingredients to address modern health concerns effectively. Founded by two modern professionals dedicated to Ayurveda's power, our products offer reliable solutions surpassing alternative medicines. As a family rooted in Ayurvedic tradition, we take pride in our local sourcing practices, supporting Indian farmers and promoting sustainable, ethical business practices.

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  • 130+

    Years of Ayurvedic Legacy

  • 100+

    Distributors All Over India

  • 100%

    Plant-Based And Organic Products

  • 1889

    Establishment of the First Pharmacy

Shri Hakim Dhari Shah (1869-1943)

Our story starts over 100 years back, with the establishment of our first pharmacy in 1889 in Mian Wali (near Lahore) by the Late Shri Hakim Dhari Shah, a well-known and renowned Ayurvedic hakim during his time. His formulated Ayurvedic medicines helped several locals relieve their ailments and restore good health. His idea and methodology earned him the name of Shri Hakim Ji in the region. He laid the foundations of what Dharishah Ayurveda is today. We follow his ideology, happiness, and thought process to heal others and provide treatments without side effects.

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Board of Directors

Our esteemed Board of Directors at Dharishah Ayurveda comprises visionary leaders dedicated to steering the company and guides our
journey, combining ancient wisdom with modern thinking for overall well-being.

Naman Dhamija Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Naman Dhamija, leading marketing, brings tech expertise to revolutionise urban Ayurveda. With a Computer Science background, he envisions introducing natural treatments to the younger generation, replacing allopathic medicine with beneficial Ayurvedic solutions.

Rajinder Dhamija Managing Director

Mr. Rajinder Dhamija, MD of DHARISHAH, revived his family's Ayurvedic legacy, rising from the ground up after leaving everything during the partition. He champions Ayurveda's essence, advocating its integration into modern lifestyles.

Mission & Vision

We aim to promote Ayurveda's healing power, offering natural solutions for a healthier life, and we envision a world where Ayurveda is embraced, enhancing well-being globally.

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Our mission is to offer genuine Ayurvedic solutions for overall wellness. We're dedicated to preserving Ayurveda's authenticity, providing holistic healing without compromise. Our goal is to empower everyone with natural, trusted remedies that promote well-being. Through our practices, we aim to create a healthier world by nurturing the balance between traditional wisdom and modern wellness needs.

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For over 130 years, our vision has stayed true: to honour the authenticity of Ayurveda without marketing gimmicks. Ayurveda isn't just about healing; it's about balancing energies. We prioritise this balance over flashy promises. While excellence matters, inner and outer balance with the world holds greater importance. Our commitment remains steadfast – preserving the purest form of Ayurveda, emphasising harmony and authenticity.

Our Core Values

Our certifications validate our commitment to quality and authenticity. With accreditations from recognised bodies, we adhere to rigorous
standards in making Ayurvedic products. These certifications guarantee trust, purity, and excellence in every remedy we offer.

  • Self Produced

    We take pride in crafting our wellness solutions, ensuring quality and authenticity every step of the way, aligning with our belief in offering the best for you.

  • 100% Plant-Based

    Embracing the power of nature, our products are purely derived from plants, reflecting our dedication to harnessing natural goodness for your well-being.

  • Locally Sourced

    We select locally sourced ingredients, supporting our community and ensuring freshness, quality, and sustainable practices for your health.

  • Organic and Natural

    We are committed to providing organic, natural remedies, handpicked for their purity and effectiveness, guaranteeing wellness for you.

  • Customer-Centric

    Your well-being is at the core of everything we do. We prioritise your needs, preferences, and satisfaction, ensuring every product is designed with you in mind.

Our Certifications

Our certifications validate our commitment to quality and authenticity. With accreditations from recognised bodies, we adhere to rigorous
standards in making Ayurvedic products. These certifications guarantee trust, purity, and excellence in every remedy we offer.

  • GMP Certified

    Our GMP certification guarantees our adherence to stringent manufacturing standards. We prioritize quality, consistency, and safety throughout the production process, ensuring every product meets global benchmarks for efficacy and purity.

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  • Ayush Certified

    The Ayush certification underscores our commitment to authentic Ayurvedic practices. Endorsed by the Government of India, this certification validates our adherence to traditional formulations and assures the efficacy of our wellness solutions.

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  • hspcb Certified

    HSPCB certification reflects our eco-friendly practices and compliance with environmental regulations. We prioritise sustainable production methods, ensuring minimal ecological impact and responsible sourcing, contributing to a healthier planet.

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  • msme Certified

    MSME certification highlights our recognition as a Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, validating our dedication to innovation and quality in Ayurvedic products. This certification showcases our contribution to India's economic growth and development.

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Our Stores

Step into our welcoming stores, your gateway to Ayurvedic wellness. Explore a diverse range of natural products created for your health and wellness.
Experience old wisdom with modern comforts.

Hakim Dhari Shah Pharmacy (1948) Pansari Bazar in Ambala
Hakim Dhari Shah Di Hatti (1954) Ambala Sadar, Haryana