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Deliv Capsules

Premium Liver Tonic

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  • Bhumi Amla
  • Kasani
  • Bhring Raj
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We present our Deliv Capsules, a unique combination of herbs for superior liver health. Targeting the damaged liver, this Ayurvedic remedy made with natural ingredients will heal your liver and improve digestion.

  • Fights Fatty Liver
  • Reduces Cell Damage Due To Cirrhosis
  • Liver Cell Recovery
  • Improves Digestion
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Media Feature

Dharishah Ayurveda is making headlines for its unique methods in natural healing. They combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to offer effective wellness solutions.

How to Use?


1 Capsule twice a day with water. To be taken for a 90 day period.


For best results avoid consumption of alcohol, sugary and fried foods.

Consistency and Trust

For optimal results, take this product daily for at least 90 days. Natural healing takes time, and consistent use allows the benefits to unfold gradually.

Ayurvedic Ingredients

Deliv Capsules is a potent blend of natural herbs formulated to enhance liver health. With key ingredients like Bhumiamla and Kasani, our Ayurvedic remedy targets liver damage, promoting healing and supporting improved digestion for overall well-being.

  • Kasani

    Manage liver disorders by balancing the pitta & increasing good bacteria in the intestines.

  • Bhringraj

    Maintain good digestion and appetite due to its hot, digestion & appetiser properties.

  • Bhumi Amla

    Helps in liver detoxification and nourishment due to its antioxidant properties.

Who Should Take It?

Deliv Capsules are optimal for people with a damaged liver because they heal the liver and improve digestion. This is the best remedy for fighting issues like greasy liver infection and liver fibrosis.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    Patients With Damaged Liver

    People who are struggling with a damaged liver and looking for an Ayurvedic remedy for a sound and healthy liver.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    Patients With Liver Fibrosis

    Fight issues like greasy liver infection and liver fibrosis, which can lead to cirrhosis, causing damage to your liver.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    Patients With Digestion Concerns

    Cure liver cell damage and put it in the recovery phase, leading to improved digestion and a healthy liver. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dinesh Thakur

I was diagnosed with fatty liver grade 2 in the month of Sept, within only 10 weeks of use my fatty liver has decreased from grade 2 to grade 1, will continue for 10 more weeks.

Nishant Attrey

Been drinking too much the past month. Decided to use this product for liver detox and fatty liver. works really very well!!

highly recommended for liver problems.


very good results ..very effective good for all ages ..use daily for better health no side effects with low cost.

Alok Singh

One of the best Ayurvedic tonic for the liver, it enhances the metabolism level, makes our liver healthy and stronger also does detoxification of the liver in a great way. It also helps in digestion of food .it is really effective and should be a go-to for everyone who and all suffer from health issues due to indigestion and liver problems…and to make our liver healthy everyone should use it twice a day.


I have used these Deliv Capsules and seen changes in my diet system. Proper working of my liver which was fatty sometime back.

Now am eating properly and taking this syrup regularly.

Thanks, Dharishah Ayurveda.


Dharishah Ayurveda has a rich heritage spanning over a century, rooted in the healing practices of Hakim Dhari Shah. From humble beginnings in 1889 to a modern enterprise, our legacy includes tradition and innovation.

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Frequently asked questions

The Deliv Capsules treat liver damage and help heal the damaged liver cells to improve bodily functions.

For the best results from Deliv Capsules, please avoid consuming sugary products, alcohol and fried food.

The Deliv Capsules fight liver problems like excessively damaged liver cells and liver fibrosis, which may create bodily discomfort.

You should take one capsule twice with water on a daily basis after having your meals to cure your liver problems.