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Chirowin Capsules

For Clear and Healthy Skin

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  • Unab
  • Anantmool
  • Chirayata
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Introducing our Chirowin Capsules, a natural remedy for your face care routine that will provide the glow and freshness your skin needs. Made with natural ingredients, this skincare product has no side effects and will give you glowing, spot-free, and healthy skin.

  • Makes Your Skin Glow
  • No Side Effects
  • Purifies Blood
  • Eliminiates Skin Issues
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120 Tablets

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Media Feature

Dharishah Ayurveda is making headlines for its unique methods in natural healing. They combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to offer effective wellness solutions.

How to Use?


1 capsule twice a day with water, after meals.


For best results stay hydrated, eat healthy, workout regularly and sleep plentiful.

Consistency and Trust

For optimal results, take this product daily for at least 90 days. Natural healing takes time, and consistent use allows the benefits to unfold gradually.

Ayurvedic Ingredients

Chirowin Capsules are formulated with natural ingredients to nourish and revitalise your skin. With no side effects, they offer a glowing, spot-free complexion.

  • Unnab

    Natural anti-ageing agent with a good source of natural anti-oxidants.

  • Anantmool

    Have blood purifying properties that help remove toxins from the blood.

  • Chirayata

    Cures rashes, itching, and burning sensations in the skin and has blood-purifying properties.

Who Should Take It?

The Chirowin Capsules are designed for those who want their skin to glow and have an even texture. Use these Capsules if you also want your skin to be spot-free and healthy.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    People Wanting Glowing Skin

    For those who want clear, healthy, glowing skin and help your body purify blood without any side effects.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    People With Wrinkles & Scars

    It is for people who want to cure wrinkles, scars, and skin redness & are looking for an Ayurvedic solution.

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    People With Bacterial Infections

    People looking to treat all kinds of bacterial infections and skin problems with 100% natural products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

It is very effective in skin problems. I have been suffering from allergies for a long. I tried everything but someone suggest to me this Chirowin Capsules after using this 2 month my allergies were cured and, I'm still using this capsules.

Zero side effect, totally recommended and value for money product.

Sonia Khanna

Received the package in good condition. Great packaging. It has helped reduce skin acne, wrinkles and eliminates scars. I and My wife have both been taking one tablet every day for the last 6 months and will continue taking it. It has worked wonders for us and definitely recommends it to everyone else.

Sagar Doshi

Trying these Chirowin Capsules for a month and it is effective and 100% genuine.

Must try this dharishah ayurveda product for people who have acne issues and want clear skin!


As I purchased for my sister, she has dark spots under her eyes. After using this Dharishah Ayurveda's Chirowin capsules for a week, spots are not visible at all and provide a glowing and pretty texture to the skin. It is really a good quality product.

Aniket Singh

As I am struggling with hyperpigmentation on my chin so I tried this Chirowin Capsules. Trust me it does magic. You have to wait for some weeks for seeing the results and it really fades the marks.

cost-effective and zero side effects.


Dharishah Ayurveda has a rich heritage spanning over a century, rooted in the healing practices of Hakim Dhari Shah. From humble beginnings in 1889 to a modern enterprise, our legacy includes tradition and innovation.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Chirowin Capsules are designed for all skin types. They're formulated with carefully selected natural herbs, ensuring no side effects and providing benefits for various skin concerns.

These capsules purify the blood naturally, enhancing skin texture and radiance. They address skin issues like redness, acne, wrinkles, and scars, promoting spot-free, glowing skin.

No, our capsules have zero side effects. They're crafted after extensive examinations for purity and quality, ensuring the highest standards of Ayurvedic treatment without any adverse effects.

We prioritise quality and ethical practices by sourcing all our ingredients from local farmers. This ensures quality, uplifts local communities, and promotes Indian cultural values.