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Calm Lo Tablets

Helpful In Low Blood Pressure

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  • Ashwagandha
  • Coffee
  • Magh Pipal
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Calm-Lo Tablets normalise low blood pressure, which can cause dizziness, fatigue and fainting symptoms. Encapsulating the natural ingredients Ashwagandha and Coffee, our product manages hypotension and prevents it from reaching life-threatening levels.

  • Manages Low BP
  • Reduces Hypotensive Symptoms
  • Gets Rid of Tiredness
  • Helps You be More Active
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Media Feature

Dharishah Ayurveda is making headlines for its unique methods in natural healing. They combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to offer effective wellness solutions.

How to Use?


1 Tablet twice a day after meals with tea/coffee. To be taken for a 90 day period.


For best results drink plenty for water, take your daily dose of minerals and electrolytes and also take proper rest.

Consistency and Trust

For optimal results, take this product daily for at least 90 days. Natural healing takes time, and consistent use allows the benefits to unfold gradually.

Ayurvedic Ingredients

Calm-Lo Tablets blend Ashwagandha and Coffee to normalize low blood pressure, addressing dizziness, fatigue, and fainting, managing hypotension to prevent life-threatening conditions effectively.

  • Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha reduces swelling, lowers blood pressure, and alters the immune system.


  • Coffee

    Coffee has certain elements that can help people with low blood pressure. 

  • Magh Pipal

    Magh Pipal is known for giving energy and keeping the body hydrated. 

Who Should Take It?

Calm-Lo Tablets are designed for both men and women suffering from low BP levels. It also prevents dizziness and anxiety and helps in dehydration and fighting the virus.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    Individuals Prone to Hypotension

    Manage and stabilise low blood pressure levels effectively with Calm-Lo Tablets' natural formulation.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    Individuals Feeling Dizziness

    Find relief from common symptoms associated with hypotension using Calm-Lo Tablets for improved daily functioning.

  • Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

    People With Low Energy Levels

    Opt for Calm-Lo Tablets to naturally address low energy level concerns and maintain overall wellness without adverse side effects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chandra Kumar B

Very effective for treating Low B.P. Strongly recommended.

Kamlesh Rao

Bought this product for my husband for BP. he’s been using this product for almost two months and it’s really worked..... made a big difference in his BP.

Really Effective!!

Smriti Yadav

This product is completely natural. organic and side effects free. Being a natural ingredient, it is safe. Using it, my blood pressure has started to stay right and I feel energetic. If u have a blood pressure problem then you should buy this.

Moin Shaikh

I purchased this product for my mother, she has had blood pressure issues for last 10 months but this product by Dharishah Ayurveda is someway helping out to keep blood pressure.

very useful and highly recommended.


I have been taking this product for a while now and I am loving it. I have been feeling so much better and more energetic lately. I have also become more focused on my work, so I am so glad I found this product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for herbal medicine for low bp treatment.


Dharishah Ayurveda has a rich heritage spanning over a century, rooted in the healing practices of Hakim Dhari Shah. From humble beginnings in 1889 to a modern enterprise, our legacy includes tradition and innovation.

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Frequently asked questions

Dharishah Ayurveda Calm-Lo Tablet is an Ayurvedic formulation that looks after your uncontrolled and low blood pressure levels and reduces the risk of health problems such as dehydration or dizziness.

For best results, drink plenty of water, take your daily dose of minerals and electrolytes, and rest properly.

You should start experiencing results within one month of daily use, but for lasting effects and preventing it from rising, it is advised to be taken for another two months.

Yes, every component in Calm-Lo Tablets is sourced from local farms, supporting local farmers and businesses. We prioritise sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients.