Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Tell us if this sounds familiar? You just drank a lot of water, because your thirst seems unquenchable. You visited the bathroom eight times and it’s not even afternoon yet? And no matter how much water you gulp, your mouth continues to be dry as a desert? Do you experience blurred vision and feel tired all the time? You’re either experiencing just a few of these things or a vicious cycle of dehydration and hyperhydration. These are the inevitable symptoms of the ailment you prick yourself for every day, Diabetes. Elevated blood sugar can surely be a struggle to manage and deal with.

Hyperglycemia can be triggered by a vast array of things that are sometimes out of your control. Stress, steroid medications of co-morbidities, lack of exercise, overeating, and snacking between meals. We’re sorry that you have to grapple with this. We do have an easy solution.

We know you are the sweetest, but your blood doesn’t have to be. At Dharishah Ayurveda, we believe in forming a connection with Mother Nature, herself. And, she tells us that she has just the right blend of spices and herbs to keep your sugar balanced. With a locally-sourced vigorous mix of 11 Ayurvedic spices, Guluconil was born. Mother Nature’s handpicked spices and ingredients of the perfect hyperglycemia remedy include Beej Karanjava, Kali Musli, Karela, Jamun Beej, Trivang Bhasam, Shilajeet, Mukta Shakti, Shankh Bhasam, Satavar, Chanderprabhavati and, Xanthum gum. Mixed in the right proportions, these 100% vegan & plant-based ingredients will maintain the ideal sugar levels in your body.

Guluconil Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes makes diabetes management straightforward. We also want you to know what these ingredients do in your body. It’s not some complicated treatment, just Nature and Ayurveda working their magic. Beej Karanjava and Kali Musli help prevent sudden spikes in glucose and have been known as antihyperglycemic. Dating back to ancient civilization is Mukta Shakti, which was typically used for diabetes management. Shilajit improves the lipid profile in the body. This lipid profile measures your cholesterols and triglycerides. This is essential to avoid your lipid levels from becoming dysregulated, which is typical in diabetes. Did you know that Karela (Bitter Gourd) has certain properties that behave like insulin in the body to carry glucose into the cells, so it doesn’t hang out in your bloodstream. This glucose that is taken up by the cells provides you with the energy you require to carry out your activities.

We want to encourage you to try this product because it is fundamental to get a grip on the glucose levels of your blood. Along with a healthy diet that skips sugary snacks and drinks, drinking plenty of water, getting some much-needed exercise; Guluconil will be the perfect supplementary hallmark. A maintained blood sugar level will keep your heart, kidneys, and vision safe. These organs will not be damaged any longer from the rebellious sugar flowing amok in your blood.

Long story short, we’re not sugar-coating it. And you won’t anymore, either.

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