Rumaaram – Get Some Aaram

Rumaaram – Get Some Aaram

A quote attributed to Dalai Lama comes to mind, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”. This inspirational nugget of information can be powerful whether it be mental challenges or physical ones. Joint pain, back pain, nerve pain, Rheumatic pain, Chronic Arthritis have been associated with growing old. Naturally, it is assumed that pain is a part and parcel of life but does it have to be? Pain is not the ID card of growing up and it shouldn’t be. We can just chill and get some aaram. We bring you a beautiful formulation, Rumaaram.

Dharishah Rumaaram is Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain & Arthritis and it is the outcome of the right amalgamation of ingredients, suited for young adults and the elderly, alike. We looked into the adversities of rheumatic pain to understand you better and we discovered that the pain is accompanied by soreness, stiffness, fatigue, discomfort, worsening symptoms based on climate and weather. I guess what they say about pain is true, it demands to be felt. Or does it? Rumaaram provides instant relief for these symptoms and others like swelling, nerve pain, and backache. Along with our Rumaaram capsules, we have got more products for the ultimate aaram: Rumaaram Oil and Rumaaram Syrup.

Being a long-lasting pain relief, our faith in Ayurveda just gets stronger. Rumaaram will aid in making the quality of your muscles better as well as stabilize the strength of your joints. Oh, to be this effective and plant-based, gluten-free, allergen-free. If we haven’t already convinced you of your new pain remedy, let’s explore how it works together!

The tale of pain-relief stems back to 3000 years ago when Ashwagandha was used as part of traditional Indian medicine. The folks back then recognized the properties of Ashwagandha that prevent pain from traveling along the central nervous system. It made movement easier as well. Another natural ingredient used is Garlic, attributed to pain relief and anti-oxidant properties. For overall physical wellness, we bring in the big guns, Indian Long Pepper. It is called Magh Pipal and it has countless therapeutic benefits. It balances the doshas as well.

You are likely to start experiencing results within one month of daily use, the pain will be considerably lower than before, leaving you with increased mobility and strength to go about your day. For lasting effects, it is recommended to be taken for two more months. Two capsules a day with water should be an ideal dose.

The Rumaaram Oil is enriched with Ayurvedic wisdom of Cloves, Castor Oil Ginger, and Cinnamon, and all have anti-inflammatory properties and aid pain relief. It also contains Rasna leaves that promote joint health. These ingredients are dense with pain-alleviating and anti-oxidant properties. Hence, we recommend using the oil whenever you feel the pain arising. In cases of chronic pain, daily usage is recommended.

The Rumaaram Syrup is fortified with Giloy which helps in removing toxins from the body and has anti-arthritic properties. It is accompanied by Shudh Shilajit, Inderjon, Gokhru, and Nirgundi as well. Two teaspoons, twice a day should be adequate. It does contain sugar, so be mindful of that! We like to be transparent about everything we add to our products so you can be honest with your body. So, come get your Rumaaram AND aaram quickly, before the pain gets you.

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