Hey there, eat a lot, live a lot, who has seen the future a lot!

But wait, why are you sweating? So what if that lovely friend of yours got a heart attack a few days back, and is now wearing a long ring. But alas! It is this ring (stent) that is hugging her heart, deep inside her chest and not you.

But have a heart. Under proper guidance, start doing some aerobic exercise and start CALM HI – the BP-lowering tablets along with other benefits – from Dharishah Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

Hypertension (commonly called high BP) and diabetes are routinely observed sickness symptoms in the present society, thanks to long sitting hours in the office, watching anything on TV / PC / mobile phones. We prefer to sit and watch sports rather than play a game outdoors. And our mind would rather sweat with fear of Covid19 or when some friend gets a heart attack than do some exercise to make our body sweat from inside out.

Our blood circulation system is like a maze of plumbing pipes, through which we receive our daily water, so important for our survival. If the flow is insufficient, the plumbing pipes get clogged. In the same way, with a lack of physical activity, exercise, yoga, the blood circulation system gets plaque – a thick coat – inside, increasing the systemic resistance, in turn overloading the heart. The extra workload could lead to various cardiac diseases including heart failure. The fine circulation network especially in the brain and eyes may burst due to high BP, resulting in stroke and loss of sight.

If you belong to a high BP category, do yourself a favor and order CALM-HI.

CALM-HI is the best ayurvedic treatment medicine for high bp and it’s fully natural, ayurvedic, gluten-free long-term solution for hypertension.

With various ayurvedic preparations historically proven to benefit our heart and circulation system, systemic resistance is lowered and heart health is improved. Arjuna bark used in the preparation, reduces plaque formation in blood vessels, Akik Bhasam relieves palpitations (rapid arhythmic heartbeats), Sarpagandha – roots of Indian snakeroot plant – with antihypertensive and sedative properties – is used in various heart-related disorders.

With no major side effects, the beauty of the medication is that Calm-Hi is also useful in other issues. The Parval Bhasam (Praval Bhasma ie; Coral Calx) provides calcium and benefits in bleeding disorders.

It is to be noted here that typical blood thinners used in Allopathy for heart-related diseases, actually pose bleeding risk whereas Calm-Hi reduces this risk.

Other ingredients like Amla, Mukta Shukti, Punarnava, Bottle gourd in a properly formulated composition benefit Kidneys, reduces Diabetes, improves Eye health and is known to cure Anaemia and yes Sexual Dysfunction too.

The individual ingredients taken appropriately may be useful but it is the precisely calculated composition and specific preparation with the utmost fidelity and GMP from Dharishah Ayurveda, which guarantees a plethora of benefits of CALM-HI.

Rather late than never to welcome the benefits of this herbal medicine.

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