Healthier Sperm Counts. Healthy Sperm, Counts

Healthier Sperm Counts. Healthy Sperm, Counts

Smallest cell, Biggest consequence to the Future

Did you know that the smallest cell of a man’s body is the little-tailed swimmer, the sperm cell? Considering its tiny existence, it is known to play a crucial role in our collective existence. We are aware that sperms are essential for healthy fertility and ultimately to procreate.

But, how do you make sure that you are doing everything you can so that your sperm has an adequate count, size, and motility?

Before we get started on the solution, let us have a look at the problem. Sperm count has been reported to be at a record low in the recent past and it involves many factors. We do have some researched points that we can observe to understand what is going on.

Better living conditions resulting in more infertility?

Some researchers believe that the culprit might be phthalates, a group of chemicals present in household plastic products and non-stick cookware. They might be troubling the body to make testosterone effectively which lowers sperm count and the overall health of sperms. The risk of these depends on exposure so tiny amounts won’t cause harm but it is unclear whether air pollution or pesticides/fertilizers also contribute to the problem.

Some other factors involved may be increased body fat and your diet and lifestyle. A high-calorie diet could lead to more oxidative stress which is a process to generate free radicals. These free radicals can potentially damage the DNA in your sperm. Increasingly sedentary lifestyle has also been linked to growing rates of infertility in men.

Should I care? What can I do?

Why is it important to treat a problem like oligospermia (low sperm count)?

Are you a guy? If yes its simple! When your sperm count and testosterone goes down it is can cause you to lose sexual drive, perform poorly in bed, put on fat, loose muscle mass, be unmotivated and lacking energy, be unlikely to impregnate easily, eventually leading to infertility.

What can you do to increase Testosterone and Sperm Health?

Adhering to nutritious balanced diet, which includes avoiding packaged and artificially sweetened food, working out, atleast 4 times a week.

Supplementing with Ayurvedic ingredients like Kesar, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Shatawari, Ashwagandha and Salam Panja which are known to increase male fertility, these gifts of nature along with other lifestyle measures can help tremendously.

Give your best swimmer a chance!

This where Dharishah’s Men's Sexual Health Combo is here for your aid! Being completely plant-based, a nutritional supplement which can be used reactively AND proactively because research has shown no side effects. Exercising daily along will boost the working of the nutraceutical and have a positive influence on sperm motility and count.

Men's Combo is made from scratch at Dharishah Ayurveda with locally sourced raw material and the best in line extraction units. We use precisely calculated dosages of quality-tested ingredients.

Made with well researched ingredients and also some hidden gems of ayurveda which will prove to be of great benefit to increase your stamina, reproductive health, and overall sexual well-being.

Hey, come closer, shush, we also do discreet shipping so that nobody else can pry into your business. The name of the product won’t appear on the shipping package. Give yourself a chance to reach optimum sexual activity and exceptional sperm health, this is ayurvedic supplement to increase sperm and sexual health. Give your best swimmer a chance!

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