Gains come to those who weight

Gains come to those who weight

Every story has a protagonist. Have you ever wondered what the main character of your muscle gain and recovery story is? It is a hormone called Testosterone but before we introduce him, let’s have a look at where our story begins.

All the stories of the human body begin here, the grand control center, our brain.

The hypothalamus is a small area in the brain which is like the manager, where how much hormone is needed gets decided. Following this, another part of the brain, the pituitary gland takes orders from the boss, the hypothalamus. The Pituitary gland is the messenger of the body that tells your testes to release a hormone called testosterone into the bloodstream!

Testosterone is a hormone in charge of the physical characteristics of men. It is responsible for bulging your biceps, distributing the fat in your body, deepening your voice, and increasing your height!

Testosterone also encourages a surge of chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters that help to increase levels of growth hormone which ultimately works as a muscle booster.

This is accompanied by effective fat burning and that leads to efficient workouts. A virtuous cycle of increasing heart health and increasing workout endurance aids the muscle mass and bone density to grow. It is proven to be of assistance when it comes to pain tolerance as well.

The basic principle behind why testosterone is so helpful for muscle gain is that it accelerates the formation of new protein after damage caused by heavy lifting.

Working out is important but what’s more important is good muscle recovery to go on consistently. The real question isn’t “do you even lift, bro?”, It is: “do you adequately recover, bro?” Permitting your body time to heal is what it needs most, after those hefty lifts. The food you consume post workout are essential to drive the recovery. Testosterone supplements help you to recover better so you get back to lifting faster and stronger.

Our product “Testovridhi” is Best Ayurvedic Testosterone Booster Supplement made 100% in India with locally sourced raw material and with over a century of Ayurvedic experience and knowledge. It is GMP certified with the best in-line extraction units. Our capsules are gluten-free and enriched with Ashwagandha, Safed Moosli, Salam Panja, Akarkra, Kounch Beej, Vidari Kand, Kesar, Sidh Makardwaj, Satavar, Shudh Shilajit, Kajjali, and Vishtundak.

Studies and research have shown Ashwagandha to elevate levels of testosterone by 17%. Safed Moosli is a rare Ayurvedic herb that is known to raise testosterone for sustainable muscle recovery. Being a natural product, it does not have side effects and is completely plant based and uses vegan capsule shells. Along with the right nutrition and workouts for your body, this supplement will assist your muscle gains and fat loss.

We believe in Vridhi = Gains and gains are coming your way. You just have to weight for it.

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