Vision and Mission

Discover the Difference Ayurveda Makes

Vision and Mission – dharishah ayurveda. As per Ayurveda, the treatment is based on three principles, better diagnosis and treatment. regime is based on these three DOSHAS VAT (Vayu), KAPHA (Water) and PITTA (Agni). This theory is further linked with “Panchabhuta” As Ayurvedic Science with the prominent component of a living creature as composed of “Panchabhootas” – Prithvee (Earth), AP (water), Teja (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akash (Ether). In the same manner, the herbal drugs are also composed of some microscopic forms of these very five basic components. Therefore, Ayurvedic medicines are more acceptable to human beings for permanent relief from the ailments. In a healthy body, there is a total balance and coordination of all these components, and they control entire digestive-metabolic and circulatory processes. Any disturbance in these functions of any component leads to malfunctioning of different body systems which results in precipitation of disorders and ailments.Being the product from natural origin, they are virtually free from toxic or adverse effects, hence can be given for the prolonged time and their effect is sustained. Build strong inner health, restores coordination of body, mind and soul and promotes nature’s own healing process. Promote the defensive mechanism of the body and prevents mankind from any invasion from outside, which could be harmful to health.

Vision and Mission - Dharishah Ayurveda